Screen - wood

Separate space in a small apartment or make a large area cozy. Massive partitions add warmth, life and a bit of cozy privacy to the place.

An all-oak screen in height that exactly copies the space between the floor and the ceiling. So it will copy. Maybe yours.

Imagine the play of light when the sun shines through it. We assembled this screen from several identical pieces of oak to make it absolutely symmetrical and minimalistic. What could yours look like? Write to us and we will be happy to advise you.

The given product, which can also be part of our VILLA HOUSES, can be priced as an individual piece according to design and purpose.

price for a screen in the dimensions as in the photo: 2600x1200x30mm, 30mm is the thickness of the slats  €1200 without VAT  €1440 with VAT.

1 440,00 €