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Be in excellent shape while turning your desire into reality...healthy instructions can be found in the given E-book publication. I believe that you will find inspiring instructions that will help you comfortably go through the construction process, for whatever company you decide on. This E-BOOK was written in 2019, i.e. in 2020, our company underwent a structural reconstruction of cooperation as well as a reworking of the composition of the walls using proven high-technologies/ our current VILLAS, a new concept of JMP HOUSES s.r.o. & Design by Yarmila can be found at https://www.jmph.sk/en/

The procedure that I present in the 11th steps continues to correspond with the present, and the given floor plan proposals are currently reworked into autonomous and multifunctional parameters of the compositions of Intelligent Villa Houses. Given the so-called the photo album also thought of children, who are primarily guided by the symbols and images that you will find in the text. / + after each mastered chapter in the form of construction, it is possible to document everything in the form of photos, notes, or pictures of your children./ Enjoy :-)

In any case, the given publication also thought of readers who are also considering other forms of housing quality and investment.

The form and content in which the given publication is directed is a statement of breaking down laced perfectionism, where professionalism, an eye for detail and a form of development thinking are in symbiosis. The publication is a kind of internal and external conversation. for every reader.

Be constructively demanding, in the end you will always ensure effective and functional results for yourself.


E-BOOK for you, created with joy and a wish for the most suitable choice.

Sincerely, Yarmila Neuschlová

THANK YOU, if you have decided to purchase our publication, as an additional benefit, if you are interested, we offer you 15 minutes of answering 1-3 constructive questions about the E-book version until the end of 2023 on whats app.

Available for the Slovak and Czech markets (in the Slovak version)

*Contact us as JMP HOUSES PUBLISHER (if you have written a publication and are interested in cooperation), we will agree on the form and translations by email: coinnovations@jmph.sk At the same time, the JMP HOUSES PUBLISHER reserves the right to read your publication and assess it for publication through the JMP HOUSES PUBLISHER   https://www.jmph.sk/en/contacts/

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