BOMMA Pendant lamp Soap large, gold

The Soap pendant lamp made of hand-blown glass was designed for the Czech brand Bomma by designer Ota Svoboda. Design: gold.

The Soap pendant lamp is made of hand-blown crystal with a metallic surface. After lighting, the transparency of the lamp changes, making its irregular shape and unrepeatable color with distinctive rainbow reflections stand out.

The Soap pendant light collection is inspired by the ever-changing color, shape and transparency of soap bubbles. In addition, the luminaires are manufactured using a unique technology of hand-blowing without the use of a mold, so each piece created is original not only in color but also in shape. You can choose from two sizes and several colors.

Weight: 2.5 kg

Width (from-to): 19-29

Height (from-to): 29-39

Lamp size: medium (up to approx. 50 cm)

Color: gold

695,00 €