Elegant style / CLT PANEL VERSION



Product design conceived from selected brands and style can be found in the link and in the links. / kitchen by Siematic, bathroom with Gessi products and the excellence of music and sound transmission by Bang & Olufsen, with the possibility of compatibility with TV, if interested.

The color and style is elegant, earthy and creates a feeling of relaxation and a relaxed creative atmosphere when necessary.

It is up to you whether you will use the given product design with us in the form of a product DESIGN as a proposal with the realization of your apartment apartment, or as an example of the price we present our Product Design laid out in our VILLA HOUSES in CLT PANELS, whether it is a luxury quality construction brand VILLA HOUSE unlocked product code:

3KK = 3 rooms + bathroom and kitchen (90m2)

A0= luxury passive house quality

https://youtu.be/zTnZIWh234E?si=iYjarBBcOHqHZ0Xd PASSIVE HOUSES IN 90sec.

599 000,00 €