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CLT panels (cross laminated timber) it's an excellent construction material, friendly to the environment, coming from permanently renewable sources. Its excellent properties are mainly:

It makes it possible to design the walls and ceilings of structures in civil engineering. Wall elements solve the spatial stability of objects

FIRE RESISTANCEIt is still underappreciated in our country. CLT panels make it possible to dimension structures with the necessary fire resistance, because the burning of wood is precisely defined
PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGYIt makes it possible to produce flat structural elements of large dimensions - the limiting factor is the transport possibilities
LOW WEIGHTThe low weight and preparation of the structure in the hall creates the conditions for quick and accurate assembly
VERY GOOD THERMAL TECHNICAL PROPERTIES It makes it possible to achieve a comparable thermal resistance with a lower wall thickness
IDEAL CONSTRUCTION SOLUTIONCLT panels are an ideal construction solution for the construction of administrative, civil buildings and family houses.

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