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Sofa, Fabric, size, price, functionality, space to place, maintenance. 

Armchair, fabric, size, price, functionality, space to place, maintenance. 

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Elegant style / CLT PANEL VERSION https://www.jmph.sk/l/passive-house-active-house-multi-comfort-house/ https://youtube.com/shorts/HDs5KsrvRlA?si=nMAJ8iF6N9-8srIj Product design conceived from selected brands and style can be found in the link and in the links. / kitchen by Siematic, bathroom with Gessi products and the excellence of music and sound transmission by Bang & Olufsen, with the possibility of compatibility with TV, if interested. The color and style is elegant, earthy and creates a feeling of relaxation and a relaxed creative atmosphere when necessary. It is up to you whether you will use the given product design with us in the form of a product DESIGN as a proposal with the realization of your apartment apartment, or as an example of the price we present our Product Design laid out in our VILLA HOUSES in CLT PANELS, whether it is a luxury quality construction brand VILLA HOUSE unlocked product code: 3KK = 3 rooms + bathroom and kitchen (90m2) A0= luxury passive house quality https://youtu.be/zTnZIWh234E?si=iYjarBBcOHqHZ0Xd   PASSIVE HOUSES IN 90sec.

599,000.00 €

BEOSOUND THEATRE Rule-defying, heart-racing soundbar

Black Anthracite, Dark Oak  https://www.bang-olufsen.com/en/sk/soundbars/beosound-theatre?variant=beosound-theatre-black-anthrachite Four patent-pending acoustic innovations in one sleek soundbar envelop you in sound from every angle. Made to fit any TV, and last for generations. Choose Beosound Theatre as a standalone soundbar, or combine it with a 55", 65" or 77" LG screen for a truly cinematic experience. Prices vary depending on size.

9,999.00 €


Lounge stylishly with MODENA https://www.boconcept.com/sk-sk/clp/modena-sofa The Modena sofa combines organic shapes with minimalist lines. This minimalist design with high seating comfort, soft armrests and a low backrest invites you to relax all day long. It is made with refined stitching and an elegant pull-out seat and backrest. It is available in several modules, thanks to which you can create an ideal comfort zone.

1,598.00 €

CARMO sofa

Lounge socially with CARMO https://www.boconcept.com/sk-sk/clp/carmo-sofa The Carmo sofa has a cubic design that will add a modern touch to any space. Designed with distinctive square shapes and soft foam on the backrests and armrests, this modular sofa also offers excellent seating comfort. It can be customized with over 120 fabrics and materials and is available in a variety of sizes, including lounger and corner sofa combinations to suit your space.

2,486.00 €

BERNE sofa

Lounge elegantly with BERNE https://www.boconcept.com/sk-sk/clp/berne-sofa The light, elegant and pleasant Berne sofa is about modern simplicity. Designed by Henrik Pedersen, this modern sofa is characterized by well-defined shapes and soft curves. It has no sharp corners and the armrests, back and seat parts are slightly rounded, ensuring a pleasant appearance from every angle. Providing all-day comfort with a high, upright backrest and firm, deep seats, the Berne sofa is built on a wooden frame with matte black tubular metal legs that give it a refined, classy feel. You can customize it with more than 120 different fabrics and materials, so with the Berne sofa you can transform your space into a place you won't want to leave.

2,409.00 €

our collection Fontal

Fontal /under construction/  https://youtu.be/k1fQ6GZFkM0  O=zero is the key The price of the collection starts from 300,999€ 

300,999.00 €

our collection The stylist

The stylist  /under construction  / https://youtu.be/w5rPkmIE-HQ The stylist collection knows tuning. It knows what is too little and what is too much. The right measure and style is at the heart of the content and endless possibilities. It prefers earthiness and natural shades, which with precious metals or accessories with a metallic shade create balance. Coziness, warmth of materials and predominance of BIO equipment, settings of smart villa houses, use of natural products and healthy food, quantity and moderation are suitable additions and possible options of comfort and healthy lifestyle presented in the space. The price of the collection starts from 300,999€

300,999.00 €

our collection The teller

The teller /under construction / https://youtu.be/Uxicr7wcna8 It knows what and when and how ... It listens and knows how to assert itself. It loves the comfort and spaciousness of heights and views. It is in touch with reality and basically experiences,...moments. It enjoys their depth and infinity. It is impeccable with words. The price of the collection starts from 300,999€ 

300,999.00 €

our collection The philanthropist

The philanthropist /under construction / https://youtu.be/5ZkRtQTyBc0  Minimalism is luxury including the branded and refined smart function and operation of this villa home collection. Balance and endless current/flow is omnipresent. The choice of anything is in the exclusive scepter of the owners and proud users and is in harmony with humanity. Convenience and quality occupy a supreme position here. The symbiosis of nature is palpable and creates images of endless possibilities. The price of the collection starts from 300,999€ 

300,999.00 €

our collection The visionary

The visionary      /under construction / https://youtu.be/Y9q_1cCQNmg  The visionary collection brings owners and proud users a dream come true of simplicity, of course with us. It is the space and surroundings of the building that require time and space for contemplation and creation of everything essential in the most ordinary beauty. A wooden house with fire, water and nature. A large table for visionaries and like-minded and completely different-minded friends. This is how true things materialized in reality are created. The price of the collection starts from 300,999€

300,999.00 €

tim lighting bomma

Purity, clarity and mastery The inspiration for this unique collection was a collaboration with the world-renowned director Tim Burton, during one of his exhibitions. The Tim Collection was among our earliest efforts, based on the shapes of the glass cloches covering Burton's artworks. These monumental pieces marked BOMMA's entry to the world of top-level lighting design and set us on our path. Free-blown glass without the use of a form, literally reaches the limits of this size and weight. Unique in the world-wide scale, these lights combine minimalistic design with the greatest examples of glassmaking mastery.   https://www.bomma.cz/lighting/tim/

0.00 €


MORE about e-book https://www.vogue-of-portmanteau.com/books-for-every-day/ https://www.martinus.sk/search?q=Honest+guide+v%C3%BDstavbou Be in excellent shape while turning your desire into reality...healthy instructions can be found in the given E-book publication. I believe that you will find inspiring instructions that will help you comfortably go through the construction process, for whatever company you decide on. This E-BOOK was written in 2019, i.e. in 2020, our company underwent a structural reconstruction of cooperation as well as a reworking of the composition of the walls using proven high-technologies/ our current VILLAS, a new concept of JMP HOUSES s.r.o. & Design by Yarmila can be found at https://www.jmph.sk/en/ The procedure that I present in the 11th steps continues to correspond with the present, and the given floor plan proposals are currently reworked into autonomous and multifunctional parameters of the compositions of Intelligent Villa Houses. Given the so-called the photo album also thought of children, who are primarily guided by the symbols and images that you will find in the text. / + after each mastered chapter in the form of construction, it is possible to document everything in the form of photos, notes, or pictures of your children./ Enjoy :-) In any case, the given publication also thought of readers who are also considering other forms of housing quality and investment. The form and content in which the given publication is directed is a statement of breaking down laced perfectionism, where professionalism, an eye for detail and a form of development thinking are in symbiosis. The publication is a kind of internal and external conversation. for every reader. Be constructively demanding, in the end you will always ensure effective and functional results for yourself. https://www.kskls.sk/akcia/prezentacia-sprievodcu-honest-guide-vystavbou/mid/501017/.html#m_501017 E-BOOK for you, created with joy and a wish for the most suitable choice. Sincerely, Yarmila Neuschlová THANK YOU, if you have decided to purchase our publication, as an additional benefit, if you are interested, we offer you 15 minutes of answering 1-3 constructive questions about the E-book version until the end of 2023 on whats app. Available for the Slovak and Czech markets (in the Slovak version) *Contact us as JMP HOUSES PUBLISHER (if you have written a publication and are interested in cooperation), we will agree on the form and translations by email: coinnovations@jmph.sk At the same time, the JMP HOUSES PUBLISHER reserves the right to read your publication and assess it for publication through the JMP HOUSES PUBLISHER   https://www.jmph.sk/en/contacts/

10.00 €

Gallotti & Radice VENERE

With a vintage taste, Venere is an actual and feminine vanity. Covered by painted glass, as per samples in the bright or satin version. Adjustable double face mirror diam. 50 cm. Chestnut with "fabric" touch effect lacquered drawers. Burnished metal structure. Small boxes in metal covered by suede Sand 012. Size: 120 x 60 x 86h cm 140 x 60 x 86h cm https://stopka-sk.sk/ https://youtu.be/4Hlq9ZMp52U https://youtu.be/U-78Fd2-xkk https://youtu.be/ur1hvCRtPRY  

0.00 €


Audrey is a curvy designer armchair from luxury Italian manufacturer, Gallotti & Radice. Its sweeping silhouette recalls the easy elegance of Art Deco-style loungers and is available in a wide variety of finishes. https://stopka-sk.sk/ https://youtu.be/tnd_DTjD7DU

0.00 €

RODA "Levante"

Roda, the "Levante" lounger is very well thought out: Piero Lissoni has equipped the new Levante series lounger in teak wood with storage space. https://-sk.sk/ https://youtube.com/shorts/HZpXLnVDW0c?feature=share https://youtu.be/DwdnPxR9ZMU https://youtu.be/nXiajuP7uZ8

0.00 €

Rimadesio sliding doors

"Stripe" sliding door system. An elegant and timeless solution for partitioning a room. Exact parameters and options are available to our interested parties upon request with the benefits of our Y & Q L.O.T. stone online store. https://stopka-sk.sk/ https://youtu.be/TC5I0_KJhPA https://youtube.com/shorts/ZTv57SXvbmU?feature=share https://youtube.com/shorts/HZpXLnVDW0c?feature=share https://youtu.be/nXiajuP7uZ8

0.00 €

GESSI VITA Designs together with filter integration into our VILLA HOUSES are available for an individual quote.

GESSI: SUSTAINABILITY, WELLNESS AND THE NEW SHAPE OF COLOUR https://youtube.com/shorts/sAz2ama1fww https://www.gessi.com/en/news-press/news-views/173/vita-gessi-wins-the-if-design-award-2023 https://youtu.be/_fARhHyzwtk Designs together with filter integration into our VILLA HOUSES are available for an individual quote.   https://www.instagram.com/reel/Ce3rz2sKvGv/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link https://youtube.com/shorts/U1aPV0prRUs?feature=share https://www.jmph.sk/en/projects/ https://www.jmph.sk/en/jmp-d-ior-essential/ https://www.jmph.sk/en/design/ https://youtube.com/shorts/041ST-gMki0

0.00 €

Greeting cards with...just for the beautiful moments...Art of gifting

Greeting cards with ...just for beautiful moments...  Folded card. Includes envelope.  The print is made on Luxury gold - white background paper.   https://www.jmph.sk/l/greeting-cards-with-just-for-the-beautiful-moments-gift-voucher/ Great as a gift card = from our Y&Q L.O.T. STONE ONLINE STORE for your special recipient or to support small and medium businesses / with the purchase of the given postcard / with any voluntary payments = at least in the price of the postcard or postcard. H mm x W mm If you would like us to add a written note, please go to the https://www.jmph.sk/en/contacts/ https://www.jmph.sk/kontakt/ enter text in the "Add order note" field.

6.39 €

EDRA Sofa Standard, Design: Francesco Binfaré

https://www.edra.com/en/product/Standard/Standard 334x154 A sofa that allows maximum comfort in whichever position. The key element is the "Smart Cushion". Backrests and armrests have lost any stiffness and can be molded as desired with a flick of your hand: low, high, oblique, enveloping and functional. The deeper seats help to discover a casual comfort. Standard is the result of years of technological research to produce an exclusive sofa that perfectly fulfils the wishes of the users. It allows total freedom of combining seats of different shape and depth to customize the compositions : linear, angular or free plan.

17,210.00 €

EDRA Chair Ella / Design: Jacopo Foggini

Design: Jacopo Foggini Is it a small chair or a chair? It is exactly the same, Ella is made of polycarbonate and has armrests, her work is completely handmade. The base allows rotation and is completely black, very comfortable and the innovative transparent seat is colored in a mixture of green and blue. Ella, a very pleasant and elegant element. Surface treatment of the base: Semi-gloss lacquered metal Seat finish: Polycarbonate Size: ±60 x ±60 x h ±80 cm

2,650.00 €

EDRA Sofa On the Rocks, cat S/Design: Francesco Binfaré

https://www.edra.com/en/product/OnTheRocks/On-the-Rocks On the Rocks sofa brings in a new dimension of comfort, where the sofa and the people who live it take centre stage: a soft sculpture that can be mixed and matched as you need, to share the pleasure of the greatest relax or to enjoy it all by yourself. Wide, with no stiff structures, with four seating elements in different shapes and two backrests, separated from the base and in different sizes that can be arranged as you prefer. A sectional system that leaves you free to express yourself and that can be customised as much as you like. Its geometrical pieces can be declined into different solutions: either combined in one composition or all free standing, to change the perspective of a room. With the exclusive materials it is made of, On the Rocks provides unparalleled comfort. TECHNOLOGY AND COMFORT GALLERY FABRICS AND MATERIALS PROJECTS DOWNLOAD TECHNI

26,660.00 €


https://www.bomma.cz/ https://www.stopka-sk.sk/ The Soap pendant lamp made of hand-blown glass was designed for the Czech brand Bomma by designer Ota Svoboda. Design: gold. The Soap pendant lamp is made of hand-blown crystal with a metallic surface. After lighting, the transparency of the lamp changes, making its irregular shape and unrepeatable color with distinctive rainbow reflections stand out. The Soap pendant light collection is inspired by the ever-changing color, shape and transparency of soap bubbles. In addition, the luminaires are manufactured using a unique technology of hand-blowing without the use of a mold, so each piece created is original not only in color but also in shape. You can choose from two sizes and several colors. Weight: 2.5 kg Width (from-to): 19-29 Height (from-to): 29-39 Lamp size: medium (up to approx. 50 cm) Color: gold

695.00 €

    Footstool = table, reducing the need for a conference table in case of saving furniture and space.