When height is a luxury advantage.


Creating luxury places on the plot, in the house, and creating your intimate conversations is from how you should feel the view at home / in the house, the apartment /, which represents your idea of ​​rest, creativity, joy, just a space where you can and even be yourself, each one. It is the only luxury place that allows and offers you.

There is no reason for secrets.

And therefore you are not limited by m2 or even limited by views from the interior towards the land, or from the windows to the surrounding environment.

How you arrange it and what neighbors you invite to your surroundings / whether it is nature, close neighbor, friend, enemy / is your choice, often a time gap that creates conscious and unconscious changes that are highlighted for you to see.

Changes are a common part of our lives and are a certain manifestation of intelligence, namely the ability to adapt to them./ the number and volume of knowledge, or titles, age, the experience will not ensure /. It is a certain readiness to understand life.

And why a smaller area of ​​m2 / what is it, ... e.g. 100m2 / will create something that is not limiting just the beautiful views from the interior towards the surroundings. Spacious windows that extend to a height / even 3 m / representing quality/soundproofing, plenty of light and shade, protection against overheating on sunny days and in our case a simple and comfortable way of handling and variability + recycling and thinking about friendliness to nature .

It all creates a circular economy.

There is simply everything and everyone has a quality that is beneficial even to the best environment in which we live, on our planet EARTH. In this way, it too can return to us the values ​​and gifts that it can immediately offer and satisfy everyone.

What do you think?

Is height also your luxury advantage?

If you are interested, we will be looking forward to reading your comments and reactions to jmph@jmph.sk.