What to buy at the moment? Aren't those properties expensive now?


 There are projects that are up to date every season. And believe me, it's not just words that come from the ranks and the area, ONLY for trade and sales.

The right and appropriate projects are usually awaited, as the companies and collaborations in question are not primarily prioritized for fast-moving business. Although the signature of the contact is usually a maximum period of 14 days to be done if both parties are clear.

Before all this, there were many years of development, research, a lot of gray hair, and maybe no hair at all, breaking down myths about wooden buildings and all prejudices while preserving the normal present life of every person who did a lot of work in a given circulation or gave up a lot of his precious time. with pleasure in continuing the continuation of those other younger ones who jumped on a similar high-quality "train."

With great effort and determination, they strengthen the status with which today's modern wooden buildings are presented to you either. and current users. Those who interested you appealed to you. The company, maybe just the person, maybe you were a deeper Sherlock and you demanded more technical and practical explanations and maybe you also completed a number of inspections of already built buildings, where you were convinced that this type of house, respectively. The company will one day be a useful guide in solving your home or investment project, in which your tenants will feel welcome and everything will play out and create a pleasant and useful mutual cooperation or friendships in the future.

The rental chapter is a specific topic in itself and therefore, sometimes next time with pleasure to a piece of speech!

Therefore, we also set our PROJECTS, location 35 km from Bratislava with the investment program as something timeless and in this changing world and time variable as otherwise in the highest quality design / MULTI COMFORT / from design with implementation, to selected TOP technology, photovoltaics, green two-level roof with almost 0EUR month. costs.

The final point is a design focused on details and landscaped land, respectively service including BENEFITS.

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In the current period of changing climatic conditions, increasing energy payments, it is really high time to deal with ECOLOGICALLY set parameters and really can not be confused with an excessively low price offer for building a house, which may show high monthly operating costs without return and change at first glance advantageous construction in the future as extremely financially difficult to sustain.


The advantage of our project is the storage of financial resources in the land, for which you pay only partially, as it is a protected location with many opportunities for movement, sports, and nature, bike paths and perfect and quick access to Bratislava, the airport.

From our PROJECTS, we offer as a piece of tasting information that is a brief explanation of how we created this project together with the turnkey Design by Yarmila concept:


- Extensive green roof / covered with undemanding and self-sufficient vegetation, low load on the roof structure.

What are the benefits of a green roof?

Extending the life of the waterproofing - the green roof not only prevents the action of dangerous UV radiation on the waterproofing but also prevents the accumulation of a large amount of heat in the roof structure. This significantly extends its life. The vegetation layer of the green roof provides waterproofing protection against mechanical damage due to man, wind, or hail.

Thermal stability in the house - the green roof acts as active thermal insulation of the house, which accumulates, processes, and releases thermal energy according to its current needs. In practice, this means that the plants maintain approximately balanced conditions in the vegetation layer. The roof is usually the most exposed part of the house in terms of sunlight. The green roof can effectively regulate extreme temperature fluctuations during the year, thus maintaining constant thermal comfort in the house. Thanks to this feature, the green roof is a frequently used element in so-called passive houses. Thanks to green roofs, air conditioning requirements can be reduced in office buildings (by up to 75%).

Rainwater retention - during the rainy season, especially in densely populated parts of cities, the sewerage network is overloaded due to the enormous amount of rainwater that is supposed to drain from it. Therefore, there may be a local failure of the sewer system. Thanks to its retention ability, the green roof can hold a large amount of rainwater and release it into the sewerage network gradually. Some of the water also naturally evaporates back into the atmosphere, helping the green roof to maintain the natural water cycle where it has been disturbed by human activity.

Garden as part of the house - rising land prices are pushing to reduce the area of ​​в zahrady <в zahrady< the garden at the expense of built-up area. However, the garden can easily become part of the house, whether in the form of a terrace, an accessible roof, or the transition from the garden to the roof. The green roof can serve as a full-fledged roof garden, provided that the design requirements are met. The cultivation of root vegetables, the establishment of a park or a water area is no exception if the load-bearing capacity of the roof allows it.

Modern architectural element - Green roofs with their areas compensate for large areas of urban development and offer many possibilities for commercial and private use. Especially in large cities, they are becoming a necessity, without which local authorities would often restrict the construction or not allow it at all. The green roof, with its appearance, enlivens the surrounding buildings and increases the prestige of both the building and the owner himself. It is a unique combination of modern architecture and the principles of sustainable development.

GreenVille service s.r.o.

Ing. Pavel Dostal,marketing, development), Tel.: +420 607 181 188,

E-mail: pavel@greenville.cz

A company with high professionalism and expertise, a human approach

Two-level roof for the possibility of combining the installation of photovoltaics and a green roof

The type of heat pump, which together with the recuperation, we dimensioned for the given type of house with intelligence controlled not only in the house but also remotely 

HEAT PUMP / Water - air /      Samsung EHS Split 4kW R32



EHS Split is a suitable heat source for underfloor heating systems as well as radiators and hot water heating. The hydro unit has wide compatibility with other control elements - thermostats, circulation pump, solar panels, DHW tank, and backup boiler.

High reliability

The EHS Split unit is designed to meet high heating and cooling requirements. The low-noise fan and Silent Mode ensure quiet night operation. The EHS system creates comfortable living conditions.

Energy-efficient, quiet ventilation units that provide a comfortable indoor climate. Nordic heat recovery units do not need preheating and achieve high efficiency throughout the year. They are designed so that in the case of user service, the individual components are accessible without the use of assembly tools.

You can control the units with the FlexitGO mobile application and, by registering for free in the CLOUD system, you will also be able to control everything externally, except for the home wifi network. The unit can also be connected to a fume hood or central vacuum cleaner and communicate to achieve optimal air pressure throughout the house. Energy-efficient and ultra-quiet Swedish Nordic S heat recovery units are the latest model range in ventilation systems designed for all types of climates. They supply home with air that is temperature balanced, filtered, and fresh.

Technologically advanced and quiet ventilation

Flexit is a Norwegian company that specializes in household ventilation - clean, fresh air ventilation systems for a healthy indoor environment. Flexit is the market leader in home ventilation and has been supplying ventilation solutions for Norwegian houses since 1974. and all products are also suitable for demanding climatic conditions, are thoroughly tested, and comply with the latest standards.


The rotary heat exchanger ensures the highest return on heating and cooling throughout the year.


Unlike the countercurrent exchanger, the unit returns moisture in addition to the temperature.


By combining high-quality ePM1 55% filters (F7) and additional Sona carbon filtration, you will achieve the filtration level of HEPA filters.


Using the latest engine technology, the noise level is below 40 dB (A) even at maximum operating power.


The inside of the unit is all-metal and easily accessible for cleaning. Today we already know that recuperation units with a polystyrene interior are impossible to clean over time.


The intuitive operation will easily help you to get an overview and control all the functions of the system in the house. And even via CLOUD remote access


Quality components and easy cleaning ensure extremely long service life. Low fan consumption and cheap replacement filters allow for a quick return.


A wide range of accessories can be added to the unit. Wireless CO2, humidity, movement, or pressure sensors allow you to expand the control even if you have not prepared a cable.

- an example of an interior trowel on some walls as a combination of French charm, a traditional design element of the building; in a natural environment by the lake / design balanced in contrast to tradition and interesting artistically elaborated details

- location of the possibility of year-round living with the permanent residence as well as the possibility of recreation, a weekend house