What are the benefits of VILLAS in JMP HOUSES



Why is the type of house so in demand in the recent period?

From our company perspective, LOFT HOUSE is stylish, practical, economical, efficient, timeless ...

The land is always what you invest in first if you are interested in building a house. Visually, the plot you buy and the reallocation of the house / in accordance with the zoning plan of the site / creates the overall impression of the whole./ that is the plot + location of the house on the plot /.

In the same way, you can buy a smaller plot in comparison and build a LOFT HOUSE on the plot, which can also act practically and emotionally as a generous and stylish space that you simply stretch out.

This allows you to enjoy the space from the interior for exterior views, beautiful views of the surroundings and you can also create a pompous view from the loft space in the attic, e.g. to the living room area connected to the kitchen.

In today's practical times, there is no need to worry about smells during cooking, or intrusion of privacy in the comfort of the living room.

The loft attic space can serve as a study, bedroom, simply a space - an extra room for which you do not pay.

You get it practically from the efficient use of height, which is connected by a stylish staircase. Stairs are a fantastic detailed element and can underline the spirit of home and style. Being simply the dominant element of the house.

In the combination we offer - LOFT HOUSE for 299,000 EUR/ or HILL HOUSE for 330.690EUR/ with interior design ONLY as the packet of services/, you will get, in addition to all these stylish conveniences, a sophisticated architectural structure, which also thinks of / "hidden eyes of the house designer" /, just the windows that are located in the loft space and with the excellent orientation of the world side/east / they will illuminate the living space basically all day and by designing an onyx painting on the wall, they will create an artistic element in your living room.

The living room is literally illuminated from all over the world, although it is designed for 3 sides of the world.

Loft houses are unique and in many localities, for example in protected zones, where land per m2 is really at higher prices, or on small land in TOP localities, where, for example, there are no such possibilities to buy larger plots that are TOP effective from the point of view of the timeless setting. prices, generosity of the space of the inner feeling of using the property.

We have made it possible for you to set something just like this timelessly and without any compromises.

From our point of view and recommendations, we definitely recommend this option when buying financial options that allow you to invest in larger plots. Space as a whole / i.e. the land with the building / that you create will look like this infinitely horizontally and vertically.

In this variant we present simple mathematics:

 - The signing of a contract for the construction of LOFT HOUSE at a price of EUR 299,000EUR/ or HILL HOUSES at the price of 330.690EUR

 - if you are only interested in an investment with a current yield of 10% after 5 years / approved construction /, the possibility of repaying your investment / in the given period in the cooperation agreement/current + 10% yield

We implement constructions efficiently, creatively, and over time.

We cooperate only with strong guarantors on the Slovak and foreign markets in order to maintain top quality.

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