TO BE CONTINUED 1     Wood as a Slovak strategic raw material, arguments in favor of wood.


- wood is a strategic domestic renewable raw material

- good recovery of raw materials is a measure of the efficiency of economies

- better use of wood contributes to the natural balance

Wood as a Slovak strategic raw material 

  1. 1m3 binds about 250 kg of CO2 during the growth period
  2. in the Slovak Republic, the year-on-year increase is about......... 12 mil per m3
  3. year-on-year consumption ............... 9 - 10 mil per m3
  4. every year the reserves increase by about ............. by 1 - 3 mil per m3

Arguments in favor of wood

In the context of Central Europe, wood is a historical building material.

It is a strategic renewable raw material.

It has no equivalent in terms of complex of the attribute

  •  thermal engineering
  •  aesthetic
  •  environmental impact
  •  utility
  •  technological
  •  mechanical

Increasing the correct use of wood has positive effects on the environment

  • Reducing energy intensity
  • Reducing the burden of CO2 emissions

Favorable economic impacts in the context of the Slovak Republic and the EU

  • Added value
  • Labour market
  • An alternative to the temporary automotive industry

prof. Ing. Jozef Štefko, PhD., Technical University of Zvolen, Faculty of Wood Science

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