Simply&freely&create your idea and realize it_  create&content&based on&what&appeals&to you&don't forget&send&it&jmphouses&designbyyarmila&results and let us be pleasantly surprised_


The selection of these randomly listed images is an example for you, you can choose any others of your choice and please follow the procedure below the images. 

How to do it ? Choose and take screenshots of your images, / pictures / that you like. The number is up to you. Don't use logic at all on the first selection and just save the image. It can be an impression on the picture that you like, colors, atmosphere, detail, but you don't have to have any explanation or even any statement for what you chose.

AFTER choosing and saving, go through each image and write a short thought below, if not, you don't have to. You can describe some of them at length, because they talk more about you, and you "just" like some of them and you don't know why. Therefore, you cannot enter anything under such a picture. You don't have to think at all about what you describe/don't describe/express, it doesn't have to have an introduction, a core, a conclusion. 

Send your result as you see fit, as long as there are more pictures, ideally in word and as an attachment, or as a presentation and thus as an attachment, and because write everything "only" to an email as you see fit and is the easiest for you. 

You don't have to, and you can also dispose of land with the idea of ​​construction. 

Just tell us the above and if you have land, state the country or location, with full GPS details. The choice is yours. How informative and truthful the result will be for you depends on the information provided by you, which we will discuss in the second phase via WhatsApp. 

The price for this processing is EUR 1200 without VAT, together with several consultations, in person/via WhatsApp to your full satisfaction. You can keep the given variant as your current/future implementation and in the case of implementation with our construction and design company with a design concept, we will deduct the given amount from the resulting final invoice upon fulfillment and fulfillment of the correctness of the signed contract and full total payment and successful implementation. 

In case of interest in this type of service, it is necessary to specify, in addition to the consent for the given service, to the email, whether it is an interest in a separate building, otherwise specified building in terms of purpose, business interest in the construction of a larger building, an overall location such as a smaller village, where we will subsequently process secondary specifications that, for the given reason, are necessary to incorporate into the project and to be aware of them. 

Subsequently, you will be issued an advance invoice and after payment  , you will receive a confirmation email about the payment, and then you will send us your details to implement this service for you.  

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