Luxury farm garages


Luxury farm garages may or may not be part of the main building, it depends on the design of the farm building project. Part of the project is, of course, a plot of land in some locality and quite possibly large enough for all your activities and the purpose why the future user decides on this lifestyle.

The purpose can be a hobby turned into reality. For example passion in growing flowers, herbs, animals with a different touch, we prefer with ecological and ethical consideration for society and people.

This is how it can be done, e.g. to expand the cultivation of herbs to e.g. natural creams, balms and their optimal production.

The user is usually the master of his time and brings the most ideal interesting narrative value, cares about quality, aesthetics.

Classic, contemporary farms no longer have to be a source of dirt and a certain inappropriate smell, nowadays they are rather an opportunity to live according to one's own ideas, in case of and with nature. And this separation is not isolation, especially in today's age of information technology. It is currently a healing change for certain types of personalities.

Part of either a newly built project or the purchase of a certain homestead with the possibility of reconstruction and adaptation through reconstruction to one's own idea.

And for that, certain small buildings to the main building are necessary, which serve for storage, storage, and protection of objects.

Whether it's garages, but also mini houses for small tools, seedlings, simply spaces that are located close to the place that needs to be purposefully managed.

Examples are the above-mentioned small buildings that can be designed and realized in our company. Usually so and you can see they touch the respectable aesthetic design as our statement value and way of quality transformed into a satisfied reality.

The color can be customized, left in its natural wooden state, or highlighted with your favorite colors. Also adapt and harmonize with the main building, either by changing the design of the roof covering/tiles, trapezoidal sheets/. Of course, the prices depend on the use of materials, so it is possible to provide you with a price and size for an individual request and pricing.

Small mini-buildings are suitable not only for farms, they can be part of your business plans and therefore also manufactured with the possibility of transportation as a finished product in a design version. (e.g. in the form of changing cabins, small design stands and others)