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Purple color meaning...

The color purple can have different effects on a person depending on how it is used and in what context it is found. It has the most intense power of radiation and harmonizes energy. Purple can be seen as a symbol of luxury and power, which makes it attractive to some people. It can evoke feelings of mystery in someone. She surrounds herself with people who are quirky, passionate, tactful and introverted with great imagination.

For some people, the color violet has a calming effect and is used to improve concentration and focus. It helps in relieving stress, anxiety and promotes empathic and compassionate perception.

In general, purple is a color symbol for thoughts and emotions and can have different effects. It is important to note that the effect of color on an individual may vary. The effect of color on a person is also influenced by many other factors such as culture, personal experience and individual perception.

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Shades of purple and their influence

The purple color has many shades that can vary in intensity and shade. Shades of purple and their influence:

Pale purple color: It is lighter and less intense than other shades of purple. It can have tones of pink or blue and is considered pleasant and soothing.

Deep purple color: It is intense and dark and is considered dramatic and luxurious. It can evoke feelings of mystery.

Purple with pink tones: It has pink tones that make it less intense and less dramatic. It is romantic and feminine.

Purple with blue tones: It has blue tones that make it colder and less pleasant. It evokes feelings of mystery.

Purple with brown tones: It has brown tones that make it less intense and less dramatic. It is pleasant and soothing.

Purple with yellow tones: It has yellow tones that make it lighter and less intense. It has a pleasant and joyful effect.

All of these shades of purple are just some of the many options and can vary depending on how they are defined and created.

On the swatch we can see other defined shades, namely: purple color, lavender color, amethyst-purple color, dark purple color, blue-violet color, indigo color, lilac-purple color, plum color, magenta color, deep purple color, blackberry color, eggplant color.

Shades of purple

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Purple color

The color purple is located on the color wheel between violet and blue. It is a combination of these two colors and can have tones of pink or purple


Purple color on the walls and its effect on people

Using purple on the walls can be a great way to liven up an interior. Purple can have a calming effect and can help improve concentration and focus. Therefore, it is suitable for a home office or a studio. As we mentioned before, it can also evoke feelings of mystery and is a color symbol for spirituality and transcendence. Due to this, it is suitable to be used in a room where meditation or other forms of spiritual development are practiced. It also depends on our personality. As they say, 100 people, 100 tastes.

Purple wall - shades of purple on the wall

It should also be noted that dark purple is an intense color and it is not easy to combine it with other colors. When it comes to the home, it's a good idea to only use dark purple on one wall or as an accent color to avoid overdoing it. It depends on what shade of purple we want to use on the wall. The pale purple color can be used on several walls in the room. While the dark purple color is more appropriate to use only on one wall or only on several accessories in the room. For example window curtains, carpet, pillows, tablecloth, blankets, vases, flowers, candlesticks and other decorations. The interior, where several walls are purple, is at least very interesting and attracts attention. Well, this room, which has dark purple walls, looks extravagant, dramatic and, for some, disturbing. This option is suitable for e.g. to clubs and spaces that we want to make distinctive and dramatic. On the contrary, the interior, where the walls or details are pale purple, has a soft effect. We often meet this shade of purple in vintage style. Purple combines well with colors such as white, gray and brown.