Experiencing something BEAUTIFUL is an INTERVIEW.


Beauty is the sensory radiance of good = we feel good. / Why are we surrounded by small beautiful things? /

It makes sense to have little beautiful things around you.

The word DESIGN in the sense of our understanding means the process of anchoring BEAUTY / GOOD / in naturality and innovation into the word DESIGN.

Through our original design proposals and in keeping with the motto "simplicity is a form of power" and complemented by works of art that contain the essence of classical music / classical music contains all shades of feelings / we create ENERGEIA / ENERGY.

We present to you a compact product with value in the realization on a plot with interesting views and an exceptional creditworthy location = PROCESS OF IMPLEMENTATION / ENERGEIA = ENERGY = WORK :)

We believe that the projects and cooperation set up in this way shine in such a process in the same way as ARGENTUM = SILVER :) for everyone.

We invite you to look beyond the horizon, which together creates timeless values ​​in the form of JMP HOUSES & DESIGN BY YARMILA cooperation in implementation.