1. Vision 


 MOTTO: "I became the creator and architect of my dream about living!"    

     You dream about the most beautiful place where will be your dream home.

   You stand on a plot of land, turn around and start designing. You´ll find all positives and you are dreaming... "there could be a access road, here should be a green plants and there could be the house... yes, because there is beautiful view to the forest". Of course, you will also notice a few negatives, which are at least a percentage of the positives. That is exactly what the WAW effect you need to feel when you are on the property and draw other ideas as sitting on the terrace with good friends in the evening and you enjoy the great atmosphere.

    The moments spent with family members, even in the rainy weather when you´re sitting inside or relaxing with the great book can be a strong motivation. However, in order not to lose motivation to deal with all related house building operations, you should be well prepared for everything.