Intelligent ECO VILLA / S IN LUXURY - practical, functional weekend VILLAS


Modern log villas in MULTI COMFORT housing made of polar pine as well as weekend villas built in accordance with the valid legislation of the given country with the interior concept Design by Yarmila.

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2-room Holiday VILLA / finished rough construction of a modern log cabin VILLA / GL 205x275 mm

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222 000,00 € with VAT 

(in the variant also possible 2-3 room log house - Intelligent ECO VILLA IN LUXURY for year-round living for 390,000 € without VAT)

A detailed offer is available on request at

CURRENT gadget Intelligent ECO VILLA IN LUXURY in an area of ​​130 m2, 3 room variant of a log villa in the price of 440,000 EUR with VAT with interior, green technologies, base plate./ our service KEY service /.

To the price it is necessary to add the price for the land, if you do not have them.

A detailed offer is available on request at


Why log house VILLA / S?

Method of construction of log houses in Finland in Slovakia and in other countries.

Wood is considered not only in the Scandinavian countries as a historic ecological building material with good thermal, aesthetic, utility, technological and mechanical properties. Therefore, the production of quality log buildings in Finland, for example, can be an inspiring example not only for Slovak manufacturers.

With our MULTI COMFORT living variant, we have established and supplemented this type of VILLA / S with essential parameters in terms of respecting the requirements and satisfying the demands of investors with a sensitive capture of the changing world.

From the point of view of thermal protection, in the case of these wooden constructions, the method of construction from single-layer log walls is paradoxically preferred to the sandwich composition of the shell. There are several reasons:

support for the historic traditional construction method closest to nature (it is unacceptable for a Finnish builder to insulate native wood with insulation, especially if it is not on a natural ecological basis);

after stabilization of moisture in the building, the wood has better thermal technical properties than stated in the calculations less than for soft wood according to STN 73 0540. Due to other wood properties, eg radiant and storage wood, wooden log buildings have significantly lower heat consumption for heating, as expected according to the calculations, while ensuring thermal comfort;

According to research, wooden log cabins have about 6 times lower energy consumption during construction than silicate-based constructions. They also have a negative energy balance for disposal, which can be a benefit in the overall energy balance over the life cycle of an economically designed building.

For these reasons too, native log houses in Finland do not have a problem with proving thermal protection and energy certification (separate normative requirements are meaningfully set aside for this category).

Our MULTI COMFORT living variants of the modern VILLA / S logs we offer, i. ECO VILLAS IN LUXURY in terms of reworking to the highest indicators of the above standard provides supercomfort in terms of monthly energy savings as well as the possibility of completing the interior walls with unique details of various types of plaster and wood paneling, but at the same time higher saddle ceiling in the interior retains the typical log style. wood visibility.

The variant we offer is applicable with the highest quality in terms of the diversity of legislation of the given countries.

Higher ceilings up to the gable allow you to win with the interior and offer the future investor the installation of sophisticated and design lighting fixtures.

Why VILLA / S from polar pine?

Transport and construction of a modern log VILLA

Properties of polar pine

Extreme climatic conditions have affected the structure and properties of this wood. Among softwoods, it is one of the toughest and most durable. It has good thermal properties and high volume stability during drying. That is why we offer our clients this type of modern log house VILLA / S.

Typical construction of a modern Finnish log cabin

The modern Finnish log house is made of quadrilaterally treated glued or solid wood (depending on the thickness and required properties), with an ingenious geometry for sealing joints with two stages - water drainage and a groove for applying anti-infiltration seal, with a sophisticated system of corner joints, anchors, reinforcement means and all nodal details. In large manufacturers with automated lines, the profile is often unified in several basic dimensions, which are also reflected in the shape of the ceiling.

A computer-aided quality control system raises the standard and allows for fewer errors or omissions. All grooves for carpentry joints, joints and installation wiring are created on precision woodworking centers with CNC machines.

Construction systems have been tested and verified in practice for a long time, but they have their limits in terms of dimensions or overall layout. However, manufacturers have these parameters in the documents for designers and thanks to well-functioning technical support in the design and pre-production phase.

Export-oriented manufacturers have a sophisticated system of shipping, packaging, marking of individual parts, transport and assembly itself, so the construction of these houses is relatively simple and fast. Nevertheless, it is not recommended to entrust the assembly to a non-professional company, as the logs are shipped in the final mechanical surface treatment, which allows the unusual wood texture to stand out, but on which every - even the smallest - damage, repairs or sanding of the surface can be seen.

The result is a structure that cannot be perceived only in terms of physical and technical characteristics. It often also means a significant change in lifestyle and perception of the living environment. The production of log buildings in Finland is in the current situation stimulating not only for Slovak producers.