Dress up your VILLA HOUSES to summer perfection



Highlights that will clarify your feeling, style and thinking about the right choice for you and your unique design.

Mini recommendations and experiences that will create great and comfortable not only sunny days.

Perceive the specifics based on the location and degrees Celsius of the summer in which you want to be.

HIGHLIGHTS /Mini recommendations/great/sunny days/specifics/to be.



Do you like this aquamarine color? A wooden tray in the color of the forest and you can imagine your refreshing drink / iced refreshing tea / iced coffee with transparent frozen floating ice cubes and

spread your legs on the wooden table..

Yes, this is also what summer comfort looks like.

Your interior can shine with the colors of these three shades and you feel Mediterranean. So don't forget to add white to the trio. You will get restlessness, clean feeling and timelessness.

you breathe, you live, you flow...whatever :)


The view of this design directs to the diversity of seating. Do you like such different mini-changes and certain corners where you create certain cozy moments of experience in your space?..whether you are working, preparing and eating food, celebrating, or just sitting and being...

Space connects and does not limit, it creates possibilities and variability.

So this is your space that allows you to do that.


Cozy space. Are you starting,..or are you starting again?

You have everything you need for pleasant new beginnings and endings. Space and place develop you rather than limit you. The shiny and pleasantly cool floor on sunny days adds depth to everything, and you gain new understandings that create nourishing movement and stability at the same time.

You are yourself and that's just the way it is.

You have conveniences and demands, but natural humility. You want to be alone for a while and you don't feel lonely, this is a nourishing foundation that doesn't rush you. You have everything you want, if you want it.

Pleasant shades of beige, white and pleasant soft lighting give this interior a given feeling. There's something I need right now...currently. I'll go and get it.


Not a little and not a lot? What is it.

Simplicity if you feel you need greenery and not difficulty.

Simplicity and a healthy approach to a healthy lifestyle in harmony with nature.

A fantastic green roof that is a PLUS and not a worry and has x number of benefits.

Something that is not from a cave and represents innovation in the most correct way without the unhealthy settings of creating your dream housing proposal fulfilled in reality. No illusion, sci-fi. A reality that has no time limit.


A clear mind, traditions with a touch of design.


Honey clarity, purity and softness of space. Velvet cushions that look blissful on summer days and the sun's rays and the play of light and shadows in unison.

A mirror with a massive frame, that's what will create luxury and style.

Does it suit you?.



The interest of decency and implementation with simple options of panels/ from different materials/ will create and highlight your space and call it DESIGN.

A boutique hotel style that is timeless.

It suits a lot of the population, but not everyone can afford it and therefore creates a feeling of uniqueness, stability and variable movement.

Is this something you agree with?

Do you love a decent style, at the same time movement, but I am a safe cozy space for your further adventurous visions to be fulfilled..?

Log style..many desire it, here it is necessary to know its specifics very well.

There are min. 3 different compositions of the construction of the given variant and the associated time for the realization of the interior and the final move-in.

This style is a combination of log cabin and so-called country style with nobility and elegance. Moderation and fullness at the same time.

It is a very specific style and therefore suits a narrower group of the population.

The specifics start from the vision, through information, knowledge of the decision, implementation, care for the given type of building, financial possibilities and energy indicators of the setting.

In this style, less wood is more, it is precisely shown that with the right and moderate approach to the interior, you can create a timeless highlight and it is not a typical "forest" style. The spirit of elegance enters here