Daily reading


"Buy for yourself" daily DAILY READING:))))))))) ((((((((((:
 Why daily reading of just one sentence or inspiring short text benefits ...

What do you do every morning when you wake up? .... the vast majority of people open their eyes and turn on the phone in the "ideal" case, the rest of the phones are online even at night. All right? Wrong? .... hmm.

The more sophisticated people manage to go to the toilet before turning on the phone and eventually make coffee, tea, have a glass of water / possibly with lemon, honey / and spend just a relaxing moment alone with their thoughts, looking out the window at the weather and thinking.

The choice of source of information and its timing is nevertheless our choice, and yet it is such a crucial thing in terms of quality and quantity of information reception and sorting.

As in the phone, what is a lot, respectively out of date, belongs to trash. We always live the present.

Where's our imaginary trash without a phone?

Managing our phone in the form of our physical and mental body is not technological, in an ideal model it does not respond to someone's instructions and follows its own stimuli.

It has its own specific control unit every day. We capture information and spin threads of creativity, inspiration, contacts, in an ideal mode of personal meetings.

There is no space for unhealthy competition, slander, and injustice, all this content ends up in the "basket" of the electronic device and also in the "basket" of physical and mental software.

The period of _ well-being is coming, and here the complete relaxation and regeneration in the form of the well-being of everyone will take it easy.

Thumbs UP :)))))))))) for everyone!

Nothing will escape us, we are always exactly where we should be and on time, and with internal sensitive software, we know what and how. All the health information we choose will only guide us in the best way with the right people.

Beautiful and relaxing moments friends, I believe a little bit with our chosen reading and cooperation.