Crystal Christmas ornaments


Let's bring Mrs. Winter to the Christmas tree, where the Christmas decorations will magically come to life and transform the atmosphere into a fairytale. A crystal polar bear will appear on the tree with its bear strength and bring strength and security to the interior.

Christmas gallery

Or translucent crystal balls, icicles will appear there, which in the interiors miraculously come to life and do not melt. They evoke a freezing winter from childhood with a package of magical experiences with friends, parents, grandparents, building snowmen, sledding on wooden sleds, ski boots and wet clothes and frozen fingertips. Images of well-being, safety and warmth after these joys .Pleasant tiredness mixed with joy and red cheeks chipped by Mrs. Winter. Christmas comfort, abundance and ordinary being mixed with a view of a Christmas tree with crystal ornaments with images of years from childhood. That ordinariness is present everywhere and creates the exceptionality of the current moment of Christmas 2023.