Cooperation in the construction process client & company on one level and ship. Foreign cooperation between the client and the company brings to the project impartiality, a fulfilled dream, professionalism and exceptionality of the project.


Foreign cooperation

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The construction process itself means cooperation and an important milestone in their lives for both the client and the company.

After, in the most ideal case of equality and trust in cooperation and adequate maturity, one important stage and a very important experience


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Regardless of how many projects the company has behind it. Experience and quality of communication and professionalism in the given process are the most essential.

Each individual project is an individuality. So even if you were to implement exactly the same project, it will not be exactly the same. / the building and the design can be the same, but it can be in a different place, land, country, and there it is necessary to adapt the specifics/

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Our company presents its vision in the sense of maintaining quality, especially for abroad, in terms of a higher purchase price and the possibility to apply together with the client the timelessness of the project and variable work with the given property for the client in any period. We consider it a guarantee of properly invested finances, appreciation and our choice of clients. Every construction should be a bit of strategic investment planning, regardless of whether the given investment in terms of construction is the first or the last.

Beautiful places where we would like to implement our projects are around Štrbské pleso - Vysoké Tatry./ in Slovakia/

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As a company, we are grateful that, as a young company with a lot of individual experience, we are seen and have the opportunity to be found and present in a group of really significant and awarded companies./ Like for example HB Reavis - which Nivy project is really what was missing in Slovakia, Ecocapsule, Ceramic Houses EU/

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Every company needs to be lucky to have the right people in cooperation, whether it is a client or colleagues themselves.

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And of course respect changes and know how to objectively release and accept new ones from your point of view, as the very integrity of either the company or the clients will create exceptional projects and collaborations in cooperation that will truly "survive" and withstand any changes.

Before our interested party and subsequently our valued client makes the right decision for us and is satisfied, we offer him a lot of introductory information in the form of an e-book / a friendly interview for orientation/, a lot of blogs to learn about the issue, links and a selection of our collaborations with companies , which we value on the market and we like to cooperate with them, and in the Slovak Republic they represent the success and results of the quality that they have been striving for for years. And our effort is to move these collaborations abroad together with our visions and projects and share the line of professionalism and quality with a sensitive capture of changing life and lifestyle.

A sample of some spaces and brands of the NIVY project.


In case you need a tasteful and quiet interior that tone-matches with every piece and object in the interior... here's a sample if that's up to you :)

Tones of natural colors, white and gold, translucent and predominant brown from sand to marble, caramel to chocolate, in addition to color evoke the tastes and smells of objects or something pleasant that they evoke in you.