Christmas dining and a great atmosphere in 6 steps


1. Mix and match your guests.

Diversity at the table and on the table is important. Diversity of personalities creates and opens up new conversations and horizons.

2.Candles power & Flower power

This combination of power is downright magical and inexhaustible.

It represents human closeness, respect for beauty and something that words cannot describe,... something intangible.

3.Your unique creation.An eclectic tablescape

A mix of something new like your favorite plates, raw materials like pebbles, tree branches, napkins in shades and shapes that you have created and decorated. A disparity that creates a compact whole.

Your unique creation.

4.Always go for seasonal veggies

Buy from local, honest companies. Support their quality and persistence to offer and maintain the value bar of quality.

5.A little souvenir for your guests

Especially from your company and a valuable text addressed directly to the person concerned.

Greeting cards with...just for the beautiful moments...

6.Enjoy your time and take it easy.

We wish you a pleasant & 

relaxed Christmas holiday with joy and sincerity:)