Nowadays, when living in symbiosis with nature is coming to the fore again, natural alternatives to the classic pool, namely biopools, are increasingly coming to the fore. A biopool is basically an artificial structure of garden architecture that fulfills not only the function of bathing, but also a number of other functions, such as microclimatic, hygienic, aesthetic, psychological and recreational. It is a natural lake in which, unlike chemically treated pools, you can swim in biologically pure water. Its symbiosis with the natural environment significantly contributes to relaxation, stress reduction, fills a person with a sense of peace and energy from nature.
Why prefer a bio pool to a classic pool?Bathing in a biopool is in absolute harmony with nature, because in biopools the water is purified only biologically with the help of the cooperation of aquatic plants, substrate and microorganisms. This is how we bathe in soft, chemically untreated water. Compared to bathing in the chemically treated water of a classic pool, it can cause allergies, irritate and dry out the skin. This is one of the most important differences, but let's take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of these two different types of pools.
CLASSIC POOL BIOPOOL- bathing in chemically treated water - bathing in harmless chemically untreated water- the same appearance all year round - appearance changing throughout the year- use only for bathing - natural bathing, cultivation of ornamental aquatic plants, skating in winter, fish farming- care in the form of vacuuming and adding pool chemistry - care in the form of vacuuming, cutting plants