Bedroom wrapped in charm


How to achieve this.....

The dark colour of the wallpaper on the walls need not be afraid. In combination with white or cream colour on the bed linen, the bedroom looks luxurious and at the same time timeless, specific.

As the most luxurious "boutique hotels", most of which still look unique.

With the application of an interesting and at the same time, simple printing of the pattern of the robust headboard in the same combination of smaller sheets of the smallest pillows, you will underline the feeling for design.

A Charming simplicity = 2x contrasting colors + 1x patter

B Cosiness = quality cotton bed linen in light pastel shades

C Design = combination of A + B + as many pillows as possible

D Practicality = you always need a tailor-made headboard for the given designs / it is and will always be "very personal" for you. This is and will be your specific idea of ​​the size of the headboard and the printing of the use of the fabric. (just how you feel). Practicality is hidden in a quality bed frame + quality mattress, which in the combination of luxurious sleep and quality relaxation for the soul and body is why we think and feel "this way". We fall asleep with the feeling that we love to wake up because we are looking forward to enjoying sleep and sleep.

                                                                              Pamper yourself:

with charming  simplicity                     with coziness                          with design                           with practicality

Come and get inspired by the bedrooms of "boutique hotels" ..... they also inspired you? ..... so wrap yourself in charm, .... it's "your intimate space" after all....and design your charm bedroom!

You would like to appreciate professional advice in practicality, which will save you a lot of time and money in the final, let us know about you.

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