Beauty = element / analysis of the creativity of life and a new type of living and living


Dostojevskij, F. M.: Beauty is present in everything healthy, i.e. j. most alive, it is an inherent need of the human organism, it creates harmony, it offers a perspective of this definition of beauty appealed to us at the beginning.

A certain kind of love and happiness is hidden in beauty

What we perceive as beauty reveals and reflects why we like something.

These are elements that we do not have/have/ or we long for them. It is variety that opens the unknown/ undiscovered/ pulling us into the unknown like a magnet.

As we are open to the world and people, this discovery is excitement/confusion/reality for us. Often down to the core. The fact of knowledge, but mainly awareness and integration into the reality of our life is the main path without unnecessary obstacles and leads to our goal and soul plan.

Opening up to beauty through everyone's individual lens leads to the variety and diversity of the world and people, something that is special and unique to each individual.

When creating your proposal with the realization of the beauty of your fragrant living, let your ideas of beauty run wild, which we will be happy to transform with you into a realistic and practical realization on a plot of land that simply calls to you. Get inspiration at a