Art versus Design


Art and Design and Design and Art go hand in hand as equivalent to equivalent. Globally, each word has its definition. Besides, however, It contains some differences and "theories" of differences and similarities. This may be one of several, and therefore, specifically our theory of expression. In our work, both spheres are an integral part. It is impossible to separate them.

One part of our component is the creation and design of the house and its naming.
VILLA HOUSES, ECO VILLA in LUXURYLOFT VILLA HOUSES, GIANT ELEGANT RESIDENCES,  in luxury as the names of our houses and of course construction in TOP quality measured during construction and after construction.

In this part of our work, you can see art and design. Thus, balanced components such as e.g. design, size, practicality, own idea of ​​the future owner of the house, our professional view, and implementation of the correction of the correct explanation and preservation of a lasting feeling of satisfaction and agreement from both sides.

Here, together, we really drew the image of the dream in a practical form on paper and, emotionally perceiving it, transferred the emotions that should remain permanent.

If this is the case, everything is right in the sense of the ideas, and building the trust of both parties is a process of continuing to the next step.

We try to create the so-called JMP HOUSES lifestyle by perceptively listening to clients what they need, to capture the topicality of the situation with timeless evaluation. We look at nature and innovation to keep the nature pure.

The given lifestyle is captured in contrasts. It creates a harmonious whole. All components complement each other at the same time.

In our   INTELLIGENT VILLAS HOUSES you will find:

  • It can be completely modern and can also have elements of a traditional villa, e.g. in the form of arcades.
  • little is much
  • smaller layout area is complemented by the height of the building almost 6m and creates interesting places in the house focused on detailed impression of the space
  • smaller floor plan / compared to other villas / is complemented by the possibility of a gallery in the living room, a large open space glass wall, wardrobes are reworked to the height, in which there are mechanical new technologies for easy handling, simple and complete.
  • Designs of houses and m2 are designed to create closeness to homeowners
  • For even more demanding clients, we can built GIANT ELEGANT RESIDENCE with a complete lagoon garden, swimming area and jacuzzi. All in an intelligent home management design with green technologies and very low monthly energy costs.

                   We recommend the future owners of our homes a spacious plot of land.

It is one of our elements of the JMP HOUSES lifestyle concept with Design by Yarmila philosophy. Feel comfortable and spacious on a plot with easy maintenance.

The KEY service is recommended for the sustainability of the value of the signed contract. The right choice of land, construction and visual design, and the exterior of the house from our types JMP HOUSES + interior design with possible artistic elements and the choice of some custom interior components. 

By setting the right style and overall harmonization of the interior, exterior, land, and location and the total price in the TOP quality of building construction = ART and Design for us. It is tangible, practical and emotional, aesthetic, and at the same time valuable.

You would like to appreciate professional advice in practicality, which will save you a lot of time and money in the final, let us know about you.

You can find contacts on the website. We look forward to seeing you!

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