Art Deco as a tool for creating a design in our home designs


Elegant, functional and ultra-modern

In the Art Deco style, the architect Ladislav Hudec from Banská Bystrica / from Central Slovakia / also worked in several countries and many cities abroad.

Our company JMP HOUSES and the philosophy of Design by Yarmila draw some inspiration from the turnkey interior design magazine, artistic combinations and design details: Art & Décoration

When you look at the magazines from 2008, ... etc. And you identify with the presence of the given inspirations, you perceive that the time of ART DECO has not passed at all, by the way, it dates from 1920.

This directly emphasized and appreciated the timelessness. Elegance, practicality may have been given an exceptional patina, and what could have changed was a shift in today's understanding of new innovations in appliances, technologies for connecting to smart homes, and thus even greater functionality to life. / how much functionality this or that client requires also depends on the lifestyle he lives and financial possibilities /.

We try to sensitively balance and calibrate what we capture in communication and what the client explicitly clarifies and after which his heart screams so that everything comes together in the house with the right value. / connection of a suitable site with our long-term professionalism in investing financial resources will ensure the correct setting of the entire project in terms of timelessnes.

This is extremely important in the current strategic decisions and changing market. In the event of a change in life situations, the possibility of immediate work with the building on the real estate market.

And thanks to that, this style is extremely timeless and exceptional. With the right choice of design details, the value of a building and a house acquires a sustainable value also in terms of time.

Based on perceptive communication, professionalism is precisely met hand in hand with the intention of maintaining timeless value.

Collaboration, production and design, continuous improvement and testing of materials, many years of experience, and explicit attention to detail are extremely important to us, they are exactly what we have always demanded and demanded from the given collaborations.

They areexplicitly enthusiastic people in what they do, they have a lot of valuable experience, which, in addition to academic degrees, a lot of personal activity in the field and their own development, have achieved through their customers as practical and important teachers the best-fulfilled dreams in reality.

All this is joined by all the people in the material / furniture / accessories stores who are satisfied and proud of the position in which they represent the brand they offer. 

These are excellent indicators for us of how the company communicates with its employees and through employees serves sales through professional communication, knowledge of the range, and a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere: 



All this creates one amazing whole, which we then see on the plot.