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Modern  Intelligent log cabin VILLA HOUSES - Current MODEL in an area of ​​130 square meters &  Intelligent ECO VILLA / S IN LUXURY - practical, functional weekend VILLAS

Intelligent ECO VILLA in luxury / log cabin villa houses/( style ELEGANCE)Luxury economic villa house has a modern design of the "Log" type, which was created on the basis of expertise and proven experience.By implementing innovations, we improve the right indoor climate with regard to traditions and the environment. In conjunction with the use of materials and the design of sophisticated architecture, it creates a cozy home with which you can understand yourself practically and emotionally.The author Yarmila Neuschlová prepared the given proposal for a wooden house also for the company:

Intelligent Eco VILLA in LUXURY


The design type of the house designed by the designer Yarmila Neuschlová was processed in marketing and published in the magazine Štýl domu a bytu in 2016, at that time for the company Pinuslog s.r.o.

 In the company JMP HOUSES with the concept of Design by Yarmila reworked with interior energy benefit adjustment as an autonomous type of "log house" after construction for immediate living.

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Cross laminated timber (CLT) panel is an ecological building material for modern design and architecture without borders of this century. CLT panels are used for modern ecological panel construction of family houses, apartment buildings, commercial buildings and industrial buildings. 


How to work with  FAM(ous)ILY VILLA HOUSE 

The given types of FAM(ous)ILY VILLA HOUSES are designed in accordance with our concept of high-quality VILLA HOUSES - CLT, which will survive fluctuations, whether demanding for technical parameters, demanding legislation in terms of building authorities, economic changes and financial instabilities that life can bring you. And that's why we laid out the given types, whether in suitable m2 or shapes/ the interior can be furnished individually/, of a certain potentiality and the possibility to work either with the final invested value or variability.

1. basis high-quality CLT construction

(more information on CLT buildings can be found on the website + in our e-book HONEST GUIDE to construction written in 2019),

 2. FAM(ous)ILY VILLA HOUSES are considered in energy class A0 with a diffuse open plastered facade in the range of holodom - without doors, without final treatment of surfaces, without sanitary and electrical fittings and without external connections. The price includes wood-aluminum windows and green roofs in a standard version. Common foundations are considered - perimeter strips and underlying concrete with appropriate reinforcement. Heating with heat pump technology,  without ventilation, cooling and recovery( with possibility). The price includes VAT 20%. The validity of the price offer is indicative with regard to fluctuating prices of building materials and technologies. In the next stages of the documentation, after specifying the technical solution and the implementation date, the prices listed below may be updated.

A) FAM(ous)ILY VILLA HOUSE 217.000€

B) FAM(ous)ILY VILLA HOUSE 145.200€

C) FAM(ous)ILY VILLA HOUSE 194.700€

D) FAM(ous)ILY VILLA HOUSE 290.400€

3. Completion of the project at the above prices with our recommendation of approximately +1/3 to the price, which can include: connections, complete interior, exterior modification + possibly a garage, sheds.

The prices and setting are listed without the price for the land, which is subject to your individual choice and the possibility, in the case of a mutual agreement, of a successful signature for cooperation.