JMP&D&IOR essential

JMP&D&IOR essential

Construction and design company JMP HOUSES s.r.o. with the concept of Design by Yarmila, has created the JMP&D&IOR essential section for her clients, customers, enthusiasts of a loving and beloved home as a combination of JMPIntelligent villa homes and natural Design, which creates a timeless interIOR in symbiosis. The valuable timeless design of the ME&YOU branded furniture COLLECTION in balance with nature, where the first flagship is and will be SOFA FRIENDS.
The JMP&D&IOR essential in question are and will be limited edition pieces and usually available on first limited orders.

You can find more practical inspiration and products in our ONLINE STORE Y&Q L.O.T. STONE:

Greeting cards with...just for the beautiful moments...

Greeting cards with ...just for beautiful moments...  Folded card. Includes envelope. Great as a gift card = from our Y&Q LOT STONE ONLINE STORE for your special recipient or to support small and medium businesses / with the purchase of the given postcard / with any voluntary payments = at least in the price of the postcard or postcard. H mm x W mm If you would like us to add a written note, please go to the enter text in the "Add order note" field.

6.39 €

EDRA Sofa Standard, Design: Francesco Binfaré 334x154 A sofa that allows maximum comfort in whichever position. The key element is the "Smart Cushion". Backrests and armrests have lost any stiffness and can be molded as desired with a flick of your hand: low, high, oblique, enveloping and functional. The deeper seats help to discover a casual comfort. Standard is the result of years of technological research to produce an exclusive sofa that perfectly fulfils the wishes of the users. It allows total freedom of combining seats of different shape and depth to customize the compositions : linear, angular or free plan.

17,210.00 €

EDRA Chair Ella / Design: Jacopo Foggini

Design: Jacopo Foggini Is it a small chair or a chair? It is exactly the same, Ella is made of polycarbonate and has armrests, her work is completely handmade. The base allows rotation and is completely black, very comfortable and the innovative transparent seat is colored in a mixture of green and blue. Ella, a very pleasant and elegant element. Surface treatment of the base: Semi-gloss lacquered metal Seat finish: Polycarbonate Size: ±60 x ±60 x h ±80 cm

2,650.00 €

EDRA Sofa On the Rocks, cat S/Design: Francesco Binfaré On the Rocks sofa brings in a new dimension of comfort, where the sofa and the people who live it take centre stage: a soft sculpture that can be mixed and matched as you need, to share the pleasure of the greatest relax or to enjoy it all by yourself. Wide, with no stiff structures, with four seating elements in different shapes and two backrests, separated from the base and in different sizes that can be arranged as you prefer. A sectional system that leaves you free to express yourself and that can be customised as much as you like. Its geometrical pieces can be declined into different solutions: either combined in one composition or all free standing, to change the perspective of a room. With the exclusive materials it is made of, On the Rocks provides unparalleled comfort. TECHNOLOGY AND COMFORT GALLERY FABRICS AND MATERIALS PROJECTS DOWNLOAD TECHNI

26,660.00 €

Fendi Casa Luxury Box A&C&C

Unique sets created in cooperation with Fendi Casa and created by us for our loyal customers LUXURY BOX A & C & C Armchair Annabell (1) & Cushion (1) & Tiles Carpet (1) 250x350 / exist in two dimensions / A detailed offer is available on request at  

19,990.00 €

BOMMA The Soap pendant lamp made of hand-blown glass was designed for the Czech brand Bomma by designer Ota Svoboda. Design: gold. The Soap pendant lamp is made of hand-blown crystal with a metallic surface. After lighting, the transparency of the lamp changes, making its irregular shape and unrepeatable color with distinctive rainbow reflections stand out. The Soap pendant light collection is inspired by the ever-changing color, shape and transparency of soap bubbles. In addition, the luminaires are manufactured using a unique technology of hand-blowing without the use of a mold, so each piece created is original not only in color but also in shape. You can choose from two sizes and several colors. Weight: 2.5 kg Width (from-to): 19-29 Height (from-to): 29-39 Lamp size: medium (up to approx. 50 cm) Color: gold

695.00 €

INFRA PANELS Possibility to choose from several colors with the printing of your own motive, with connection and control via wifi. Ideal in our ONLINE STORE in connection with the construction of a recreational modern log cabin VILLA / S (2-room ECO VILLA IN LUXURY) - the offer of installation in our log cabin is with a thermostat and remote control via wifi.  ECO VILLA IN LUXURY( 2 room holiday variant) Example: WHITE infra panel GLASS, glossy, dimensions: 1200x600, 700W

1,565.00 €

Bianco ONYX

BIANCO ONYX 1 m2 at a price 1320€ with VAT 1 m2 backlit at a price of 1860€ with VAT for more options: SPECIFY YOUR CHOICE AND DIMENSIONS AT

1,320.00 €

SieMatic SLX PURE Material: matte OAK "BLACK MATT" veneer, kitchen including MIELE appliances: induction, dishwasher, oven, refrigerator. ISLAND: ceramic plate 6mm ceramic, LED illuminated island and high set, glass cabinet with shelves and backlight including MULTIMATIC interior equipment Detailed breakdown of the offer on request This handleless kitchen is all about luxurious details. For example, the recessed handle is indirectly illuminated for a unique look. LED lighting is completely customizable according to your mood and time of day. Adjust the color warmth or light intensity to create a calming or energetic atmosphere in your kitchen and express your creativity. The LED light in the recessed handle is also a real attraction. This will make your kitchen unique and very personal and will positively affect the mood of your friends and family.

49,990.00 €

Eco VILLA In Luxury/ Model ELEGANCE

2-room Holiday VILLA /  finished rough construction of a modern log cabin VILLA/ GL 205x275 mm PLUS : with the possibility of infra panels and an art fireplace A detailed offer is available on request at (in the variant also possible 2-3 room log house - ECO VILLA IN LUXURY for year-round living for 390,000 €) MORE : JMP HOUSES & DESIGN BY YARMILA

222,000.00 €


Portfolio LIVING, DINNING, RELAX Specify your choice and get a 10% advantage from us by choosing RODA. Write your choice to us at Sustainable thinking,green, perspective,longevity and quality as a design concept, carefully curated materials,tangible,commitment. 

1,446.00 €