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Is it a mistake to think about investing these days? ideal is it to wait until real estate becomes cheaper?.....honestly, it WILL NOT happen.

Why do people actually decide to invest in real estate?...there is a certain need, motivation, maybe even a healthy "love" for real estate, architecture, construction.

What is nice and positive for this time is that speculators who were interested in earning 20% ​​within a year, or to buy flats from paper for subsequent sale, fortunately this time has printed.

This means sober investing from the point of view of 5-10/15 years, it is a healthy investment from our point of view, and yet a perceptive observation of the given period.

The principle of a well-invested investment property is the LOCATION & AVAILABILITY & QUALITY of the built property.

If we would like to touch on a specific price, we are talking about an average value of EUR 500,000 in real estate, which will be least affected by any market fluctuations, compared to e.g. with the value of the property, e.g. worth 100,000 euros. in Slovakia, partly also in the EU./ depends on the location/.

Separate investment in real estate from living in real estate, regarding the financial setup.

This is a very fundamental THING!

I.e. you can also own an investment property that you rent out, even if you live in a rental apartment/house and are not the owner of the rental property


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