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The Mediterranean scent of everything free, loving, spacious and rich? Can you imagine something like that? This is how you can feel our flagship Mediterranean blooming & growing VILLA HOUSES. They know how to grow in height and spaciousness, even over time as well-thought-out residential buildings creating a holistic compact.

Are you interested ? Come and inform us if you have a  land.

In case of mutual agreement, we will create an "anchored coffee" and you will get the first foundations of your dream of living in reality.


Don't you know what it can really look like? Design and visualizations to set up your perfect implementation in terms of construction, logistics, ... we will arrange and equip everything. You will receive exact settings and prices with information on possible tolerances in terms of time and associated changes.

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The price of this VILLA HOUSE starts from 375,000 EUR with VAT 



FAM(ous)ILY VILLA HOUSE                                 235.990€


FAM(ous)ILY VILLA HOUSE                                 155.890€


FAM(ous)ILY VILLA HOUSE                                  230.900€


FAM(ous)ILY VILLA HOUSE                                   




3. Completion of the project at the above prices with our recommendation of approximately +1/3 to the price, which can include: connections, complete interior, exterior modification + possibly a garage, sheds.

The prices and setting are listed without the price for the land, which is subject to your individual choice and the possibility, in the case of a mutual agreement, of a successful signature for cooperation.

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Let's bring Mrs. Winter to the Christmas tree, where the Christmas decorations will magically come to life and transform the atmosphere into a fairytale. A crystal polar bear will appear on the tree with its bear strength and bring strength and security to the interior.


How to work with   FAM(ous)ILY VILLA HOUSE 

The given types of FAM(ous)ILY VILLA HOUSES are designed in accordance with our concept of high-quality VILLA HOUSES - CLT, which will survive fluctuations, whether demanding for technical parameters, demanding legislation in terms of building authorities, economic changes and financial instabilities that life can bring you. And that's why we laid out the given types, whether in suitable m2 or shapes/ the interior can be furnished individually/, of a certain potentiality and the possibility to work either with the final invested value or variability, in case the number of people or the possibility of use changes.

1. basis high-quality CLT envelope construction

(more information on CLT buildings can be found on the website + in our e-book HONEST GUIDE to construction written in 2019),

2. FAM(ous)ILY VILLA HOUSES are considered in energy class A0 with a diffuse open plastered facade in the range of holodom - without doors, without final treatment of surfaces, without sanitary and electrical fittings and without external connections. The price includes wood-aluminum windows and green roofs in a standard version. Common foundations are considered - perimeter strips and underlying concrete with appropriate reinforcement. Heating with heat pump technology, without ventilation, cooling and recovery. The price includes VAT 20%. The validity of the price offer is indicative with regard to fluctuating prices of building materials and technologies. In the next stages of the documentation, after specifying the technical solution and the implementation date, the prices listed below may be updated.





3. Completion of the project at the above prices with our recommendation of approximately +1/3 to the price, which can include: connections, complete interior, exterior modification + possibly a garage, sheds.

The prices and setting are listed without the price for the land, which is subject to your individual choice and the possibility, in the case of a mutual agreement, of a successful signature for cooperation.






By ordering our DESIGN, we bring coziness of abundance and colors to your soulful homes. 


Clean, neat lines brightened by the natural tone of the seat. The combination of 3 types of color shades of wood does not contradict either shape or color, paradoxically it harmonizes. The decoration of the visible wall enhances the given space and acts as an oasis of well-being.Hasu or lotus in Japanese is considered the perfect plant. Although it grows in a swamp, it is impeccably clean. It is a symbol of rebirth, creation, prosperity and wealth. The unusual choice to present only the leaves rather than the lotus flower makes the pattern much more subdued and versatile.

Arte by Małgorzata Gajderowicz. Małgorzata is a graphic designer with 15 years of experience, education as a journalist and a passion for design. She is obsessed with Japan and Far Eastern art. She manages the graphic department of Wall Art. . Accessories in the form of a lamp in a combination of black metal with a brown/ to golden-brown shade matched with the black metal of the coffee table and a tall lamp for pleasant days spent reading underline the complex DESIGN IOR. The floor made of high-quality wooden parquet in the shape of a herringbone and the cream dense carpet increase the sound-insulating and heat-insulating quality of the given interior.
A luxuriously clean interior in harmony with nature can also stand out in JMP HOUSES of the VILLA HOUSES type at 


If we are designing and furnishing 1 larger space, it is advisable to choose the right style and colors after thinking about the overall impression. In terms of this design proposal, we can optically and interestingly separate the complexity and at the same time the interest of 1 space with white color, which usually does not spoil anything, and complement it with suitable wall decor with a natural motif, which even in the changing seasons will create a pleasant natural atmosphere, rather warm and rich in the form brown-gold wheat ears.
A cup of excellent herbal tea or your favorite coffee tastes fantastic. In addition to pleasant human warmth, you will highlight your chosen style in a number of pillows in contrasting and natural colors.
The traditional black-white combination with a sense of taste and the appropriate addition of shades of natural colors looks timeless and cozy.The decorations of the black lamp and the space supplemented with natural candles/ with the option of essential candles will induce well-being and allow your mind and body to rest and recharge in the usual natural way.The value invested in the interior remains preserved and enhanced for the long term by choosing natural wooden parquet floors, a hand-woven carpet and a high-quality sofa with the right choice of color, fabric quality and uniqueness. In the given interior, the focus, together with the wall decor, which has become the basis, is to bring coziness, softness and lightness into the interior.
Even a smaller space in the form of m2 appears voluminous, if it is possible to find properties with higher ceilings of at least 3 m. Even with a minimalist, functional and practical design combined with implementation, you will achieve a timeless and cozy interior.


Properties of polar pine   ECO VILLA HOUSES IN LUXURY

Extreme climatic conditions have affected the structure and properties of this wood. Among softwoods, it is one of the toughest and most durable. It has good thermal properties and high volume stability during drying. That is why we offer our clients this type of modern log house VILLA / S.



The ideal time, not only current but also year-round in terms of the given design proposal, leads to a choice and a certain lifestyle to own and decide on a log building and the associated interior.
Modern log VILLA HOUSES are becoming more and more popular housing as a certain ecological but also economical option and, last but not least, they can prospectively be part of the circular economy. Since they are often min. 60% - 98% recyclable, or also generationally renewable.
In today's age of conveniences, the interior currently offered by us together with Eco VILLA HOUSE in luxury includes recuperation, heat pump, underfloor heating, fireplace, solar panels, photovoltaics, high-quality interior materials, we are talking about a traditional type of building with the integration of modern beneficial technologies designed to the exact size / s choice of 3 types of m2 and in 2 variants of cozy luxury./
We are talking about the combination of marble flooring and wooden interior with a height of up to 5 m to the gable, even in the smaller parameters, i.e. 70.42 m2, 2-room version of the weekend Eco VILLA HOUSE in luxury with spacious, high-quality space at the price of 222,000 EUR with VAT / at the price of 390,000 EUR without VAT for the 2 -room and 3-room year-round housing variant./ we can send you an exact price offer upon your request from



In many households, in addition to a certain room, there is also a communication space. Whether independent, or in the popular modern variant connected to the living area, or space as such.

And again we are returning to traditions in a modern dress. Where one room used to be used for living and cooking, the warmth of the family was maintained.

Islands are a modern favorite part and even in a very small space, they are very practical when preparing food/drinks.

Often times, less is more. The simplicity of space layout with the practicality we live by. The given space should always serve the needs of the users. Everyone should be able to find "their" favorite there, whether it's a place to eat/drink, sit, or prepare. Last but not least, such essential little things, which often create a gem from a given space with proper investment and design, such as, for example. clay plasters, or squeegees with a special structure or surface treatment and are often not only at the same but also at a higher investment price than a kitchen unit without appliances, is something that is "worn" nowadays.

The photo gallery and videos for inspiration/investment/ordering services will tell you more. Black? White? ...

If you are interested, you can find information about Siematic in our Y&Q LOT STONE ONLINE STORE.


We dare to introduce you to fragrant interiors LITERALLY. From our point of view, the smell of wood, as a specific type of user, is appreciated by people with a free, creative spirit and a relationship with nature and wider contexts.

They take great care that the choice of this style of living is a certain medicine/ like life's natural nutrition/.

Currently, it is more and more trendy and at the same time timeless. Excellently combinable with modern and traditional furniture and accessories, precisely because of the fact that even today's interiors and accessories are highly valued and the more they appreciate, they value handmade, unique pieces with which the household creates a relationship.

The interiors are usually minimalist, precisely to make the space and the building stand out.

From our Y&Q LOT STONE, you can choose both beautiful lamps from the BOMMA brand, as well as other comfortable, high-quality investment pieces of furniture.



BoConcept as a Danish company and their product range not only in London but also in Bratislava. What we recommend; variable product seat called Amsterdam./ super comfortable and spacious combinable/.


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