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My name´s Yarmila Neuschlová and I´m a designer who deals with the creative process of designing modern villa houses as a complex concept of connecting the interior with the exterior.
I connect independent collaborations to individual projects.
The proposals with the final implementation come from the tradition and inspirations from the research implemented to the current practical and functional needs.
The basis is made of high quality materials and minimalist clean interior and exterior lines.
We perceive intelligence in the name INTELLIGENT VILLAS WITH A HEALTHY CORE as  independent autonomous villa houses and multi-comfortable villa houses.


JMP HOUSES s.r.o. Design by Yarmila

Founder & CEO  Yarmila Neuschlova


Billing information and bank details:

Karpatské námestie 7770/10A 
831 06 

IČO: 52162028

IČ DPH: SK2120922122
IBAN : SK86 8330 0000 0026 0158 1225

1. Dear friends, clients, acquaintances, all important people, 

for whom our work is interesting and inspiring and you are interested in supporting small and medium companies, you can support us with any amount to the above account if you are interested.

The given financial donations will be used for further creation, such as E-BOOKS with translation into EN, or printing, education and fees to the patenting of currently prepared projects.

2. As another form of cooperation, we welcome investors to whom we will gladly present our projects. / approximately worth 10 mil. EUR/

Thank you , that you feel it is important that we are, with pleasure JMP HOUSES & DESIGN BY YARMLA