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Yarmila Neuschlová
Founder & CEO
Karpatské námestie 7770/10A 
831 06 postbox SLOVAKIA- EU, +421 917 084 622

                                                                                                                                                                              Intelligent VILLAS with a healthy core. JMP HOUSES is dedicated to creative projects in Slovakia and is interested in exporting abroad. My name´s Yamila Neuschlová and I´m the founder and owner of the company and concept. I´ve been working in real estate, construction and architecture for more than 12 years. I founded JMP HOUSES as my own form of business in 2019. JMP HOUSES is a creative construction, design and engineering company with a design concept. It works in the field of agreed cooperation from design, production, sales. The goal of the concept is creative independent collaboration.

In terms of any development process, we prefer diversity in terms of age, education, composition of the creative group and practical result with faith in a higher sense.
As a woman in this segment of business with a specific setting and feeling, I can afford to create individual handmade work in the form of VILLA HOUSES proposal, construction, design and selection of the country and location for mutually successful implementation, also in the form of JMPH investing.